How To Use The Child Theme

The child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of the main SEO WP theme, called the parent theme. A child theme is the recommended way of modifying the existing theme. If you modify the theme directly and it is updated, then your modifications may be lost. By using a child theme you will ensure that your modifications are preserved.

How to install the SEO WP child theme

Go to WP Admin > Appearance > Themes and ensure the main theme SEO WP is installed. 

Click on the "Add new" button. 


Click on the "Upload" button. 


Go   to the downloaded package / Premium Designs Assets folder and locate the child theme zip file.


Upload the child theme and activate it.

My child theme is outdated?

By its definition, a child theme doesn't need to be updated, otherwise, you will lose all your customizations. The only one theme need to be updated is the parent theme.