Editing Footer

Versions 1.8.7 and lower:

Please watch this quick video:


To edit the footer follow the next steps:

  1. Visit WP Admin > Appearance > Footers;
  2. Click View under the footer used;
  3. Edit the footer the same way you edit pages.

The same process illustrated:

Versions 1.9x and above:

The SEOWP theme come by default with two different footers, one with a more complex layout like presented on our live demo, and one with a simplified look. In this theme generation, with the present Live Composer integration, you can create unlimited footers.

Follow the next instructions to edit the ready-made footer


Go to WP Admin > Appearance > Headers/Footers and select the footer you are using. In the case you are using the demo content, open in Live Composer the "Footer - default design".

Edit the content of the modules. Please note that the "Button module" label needs to be edited with double click on the text.

How to create a new footer?

Go to  WP Admin > Appearance > Headers/Footers and click on "Add Header/Footer".
Set the destination of this template.
If need to have this footer displayed on all the pages by default, simply check the "Default" option.